Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sarah Azhari Gadis Seksi Indonesia Hot Bugil

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foto Telanjang Sarah Azhari

Bukan Gadis Seksi

The appearance of Sarah Azhari in the presentation infotainment, apparently the deliberateness factor. That was expressed when this sexy artist SARAH AZHARI was met specially in Jakarta gap the launching agenda of the new building milil Soraya Intercine Film in Jakarta. "Indeed I rarely emerged in the film moreover in the presentation, that I was deliberate," he acknowledged while smiling. The Photograph of the Section Apparently the acknowledgment went out because some time before Sarah continued to become the focus because his case with a reporter Infotainment still has not been complete. Moreover at that time, Sarah wanted to speak but not around the gossip. When being asked by the gossip or his case, Sarah -pun dodged but was asked by the matter of the activity, Sarah wanted answered. "But if hand down-agenda the guest in my television often was present and that I indeed wanted." But if in my film not yet many because just I completed the film with Indro Warkop, he explained while claiming played in the comedy film because of could yell and laugh if watched.

he Fenomenal of Kemben Melorot

Sarah Azhari

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